Garage refresh

I’ve been eying up some garage flooring since we moved into our current house about 6 years ago. As we settled in I’ve put white emulsion on the walls, replaced the old halogen lights with LED strips and put some good workbenches in place. Been happy with all the upgrades but some nice flooring has […]

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Dilly & Dragstalgia

This post dates back to the middle of 2019 and is probably my last catch up post. The rest of my progress is recent enough that I’ll post as if it just happened Even more distractions and less time spent on the kit car build. After 3 years of chipping away I finally got permission […]

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Castle Distraction

Another catch up post. This time from April 2018 I get that’s this is a blog about building a kit car. I love building stuff in general though. I also love cars, loud noises and fast things. So occasionally I’ll post about something else. My little boy recently spent quite some time pestering me about […]

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Driveshaft Clean & Fit

Following on from moving across to the new site, this is another historical catch up post. I had prepped most of the parts for this in April 2018 and then finally built up the courage to put it all together in September 2018 The first lesson here is rtfm… The drive shafts and CV joints […]

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Always wear protection

This is a historical post from Jan 2018 I’m catching up on. Not only is the build slow. So is my blogging. I’ve managed to get in some decent weekend hours in the garage but it’s the sort of slow and steady progress that doesn’t make for interesting blog posts. One thing I have definitely […]

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