Dilly & Dragstalgia

This post dates back to the middle of 2019 and is probably my last catch up post. The rest of my progress is recent enough that I’ll post as if it just happened

Even more distractions and less time spent on the kit car build. After 3 years of chipping away I finally got permission from my wife in September 2018 to purchase a motorhome. This meant a bunch of research through the winter before picking up a 13 year old CI Carioca 656 in January 2019. She’s called Dilly and she’s awesome.

Throughout the year my wife has progressed from “I didn’t hate that” to “can we get in one more trip before it’s too cold?”

This has also meant we can use it for trips to events like Dragstalgia up at Santa Pod Raceway near Milton Keynes. We don’t go too often but I enjoy a bit of drag racing with my brother and this was the first event my little boy joined us for.

Random picture of playing with a sniper rifle at RIAT thrown in for good luck too. Also, if anyone knows what the make and model of the black convertible (registration RIG 4666) is too, I’m intrigued. We spent a fair while looking at it and couldn’t work it out…

Just thought to Google the reg plate. Turns out it’s a 1999 Tribute 250 Spyder 🙂

Also took a couple of videos and shared them on YouTube

Looking forward to getting out for something else when it warms up again. We’re considering watching some truck racing as it’s pretty affordable and something a bit different. Open to any recommendations people have for a good cheap weekend event?

I promise I’ll get back to the build diary in the next post 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dilly & Dragstalgia

  1. I recognised that 250 straight away. It’s a BMW z3 re-body, based on a kit from Tribute automotive. The build thread can be found on the madabout-kitcars.com forum.

    1. Thanks Konrad. I’ll go have a nosey. Sure my brother will be interested too 🙂 We were stood for a while trying to work it out

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