Garage refresh

I’ve been eying up some garage flooring since we moved into our current house about 6 years ago. As we settled in I’ve put white emulsion on the walls, replaced the old halogen lights with LED strips and put some good workbenches in place. Been happy with all the upgrades but some nice flooring has always been at the back of my mind. The options I could see were

  • Paint the bare concrete – Ruled out because of the need to etch the concrete with acid and even then it will flake and come off in no time
  • 2 pack epoxy coating – Much better looking finish than painting the concrete. Still need to etch with acid and looks harder to get right than painting
  • Large hard foam tiles – Cost effective but probably wouldn’t be hard wearing enough.
  • PVC tiles – Hard wearing and by all reports don’t let fluid spills seep through. Can be prohibitively expensive though.
  • Porcelain tiles – Never really crossed my mind until I started researching again recently. I don’t really have that sort of garage though 🙂 I’d happily have a GT3 RS and some porcelain tiles but I’d only get them mucky or chip them!

In the end I decided to go for the plastic tiles. I’ve managed to cover around 5.5m x 5.0m for £660 delivered with a brand called Plasfloor. Although it’s expensive it’s made a huge different to the garage. Mandatory YouTube and picture gallery

The boy is a fiend for a bit of sugary fizzy drink. He spends more time drinking Coke than fitting flooring! To his credit though he fit a good 30% of the floor while I cut tiles to shape (earned a full £1 😉 )

It took us a couple of weekends to fit and moving everything around has forced me to have a proper clear out. I’ve also removed all the sawdust from 5 years of woodwork and have decided to do any carpentry outside in future. Sawdust and car work are not a good combination!

I absolutely love the way it’s turned out and it’s motivated me to push on with the car. Makes the garage a real pleasure to work in again… This is largely down to having got rid of all the crap that was in the way.

Onwards to the next jobs on the actual car!

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