Castle Distraction

Another catch up post. This time from April 2018

I get that’s this is a blog about building a kit car. I love building stuff in general though. I also love cars, loud noises and fast things. So occasionally I’ll post about something else. My little boy recently spent quite some time pestering me about a house / swing / plaything in the back garden. I also had some decking wood and 6x4s left over from the earlier donation I used to do the vegetable garden. I therefore spent a bit of time iterating around some designs with him and gradually arrived at a compromise. If you can’t guess, his designs were significantly more ambitious than mine!

The end result was a wet week off work and a castle in the back garden!

Very happy with how this has turned out. The kids and those in the cul-de-sac have loved it since. We’ve also made a trapdoor for the roof and a drawbridge hinged on a mild steel rod. One final thing we need to do is a rope lift for the drawbridge and somewhere safe to tie it off

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