The Chassis Has Landed!

About a month ago, the day finally arrived! Mike and Janine from RoadRunner Racing kindly did the 400+ mile round trip to drop of my chassis.

Here are a couple of pictures of it in the RoadRunner workshop before it went off for powder coating. Wish I had a stand like that to carry out the build on!

Roadrunner SR2 Chassis Naked

Roadrunner SR2 Chassis Coated

Once Mike and Janine arrived down at mine, we had to get the chassis out of a covered trailer. It then needed walking around 10 metres up a sloped drive and into the garage.

Jesus H Christ… This is probably the heaviest thing I’ve ever had to lift and move (around 150 – 200kg between two of us). The guys at RoadRunner had kindly fitted the steering, pedal assembly, suspension and road cage. All nice and helpful but all adding to the weight!

I’d been quite clinical about the whole choice of kit car up until this point. Seeing the chassis on my garage floor I absolutely can’t wait to get on with the build and enjoy the completed car (‘scuse the pink bmx… It’s not mine)

Roadrunner SR2 Chassis in Garage

Roadrunner SR2 Chassis Cockpit

Roadrunner SR2 Chassis Front End

Roadrunner SR2 Chassis Back End

From talking to Mike you can tell he really loves what he does. We spent maybe the next hour with him offloading information and tips to me and me scratching stuff down with a sharpie. To be fair, a lot of the information feels like a foreign language at this stage. I just plan on taking my time, asking stupid questions and trying not to make any stupid mistakes.

Next thing is to make a build table and get the chassis mobile around the garage. Some helpful folks on the following sites have set me on the right track for this

I’m planning on going for a 4′ x 10′ wooden table with lockable wheels and a storage shelf underneath. Also gonna be careful to make sure it’ll still wheel out of the garage door while on the table.

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