Prepping The Garage

While preparing the garage I’ve had 3 goals in mind;

  • Make it more secure
  • Upgrade my tool set a bit
  • Have a general clear out and make some space

Here’s a wide shot of the garage after I’d finished today. As much as it’s possible to love a room, I love this garage.

man cave

We only moved into the house in October 2013. When we were looking at different places, the garage and outdoor space of this house stood out for me. The inside is nice too of course 😁

One of the killer selling points was the inspection pit!

inspection pit

Now I’ve used it a few times, it’s a bit close for comfort to the left hand wall. It’d have been much better slap bang in the middle of the garage.

As I started using the garage, I had to add a whiteboard to one of the walls. I know it’s a bit sad but it’s surprisingly useful. It tends to just end up as a shopping list for various little projects at the moment.


The area I’ve probably put the most work into is the workbenches. The tool rack reflect the things I use pretty well. So far this has been all about DIY jobs round the house, so it may change with time.


In the drawers I then have areas for

  • Metalwork – measuring equipment, scribe, centre punch, tin snips, engineer’s blue etc
  • Electrics – Wirestrippers, plier set, screwdrivers, cutters etc
  • Drawer of shit – This one needs sorting out ☺
  • Rags – lots of them

On the shelves I’ve also got 3 socket sets, a torque wrench, impact bar and a gear splitter. I’m not sure the scenarios in which I should use the last one yet. It was a Christmas present from my brother after saying “please get me the one useful tool you think I won’t have”. It seems like it’d be useful where I need to pull something straight off a shaft?

The vice is also a new addition. I’ve never had one before and I’m loving it. Super useful…

I just need to clear some more space on the shelves for parts and I’m good to go. I want to sell as much as I can from the donor and I’m also hoping to re-use the loom. So I have lots of sealy bags, stickers, sharpies and a Haynes manual… plus a number of mazda mx5 PDF downloads and a link to this page on stripping a miata)

Haynes and labels

I’m a little scared of starting, but I think I’ll take a few days off work, cancel the insurance and start with the interior.

One thought on “Prepping The Garage

  1. Nice ideas! This will help make one-car garages more spacious and organised. One-Car garages often become a No-Car garages due to poor organization and subsequent lack of space.

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